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Belmont Contender Breaks Speed Record during Practice

31 May

New York, NY – May 31, 2014 – During a practice run this week at the Belmont racetrack in New York, triple-crown contender California Chrome did what no other horse has done. Two-thirds of the way down the 1½ mile track, a thundering gallop switched to an echoing boom as the horse broke the sound barrier. This marks the first time, according to horse race speed experts.

Jockey Victor Espinoza could be seen holding on for dear life, said eyewitnesses, but in seconds was thrown clear of the horse and went airborne. Espinoza reportedly did three double back flips and a quadruple twist before landing upright in the stands. He cheered on vigorously as the horse barreled through the finish line. According to an unidentified source, it took two laps for the horse to slow down to a measurable speed.

After careful examination, a team of experts declared the horse was not injured and appears ready to compete in the Belmont Stakes on June 7.

California Chrome is not the first horse to have unbelievable bursts in speed. In April 1973, would-be Triple Crown winner Secretariat reach mach .85 during a training run.

In an unrelated interview, Rosie Napravnic, jockey for Bayern in this year’s Kentucky Derby and Preakness, once said her horse approached the speed of light. Embellishment analysts say this is unlikely, although no official measurements were released.

According to the American Society of Statistics, one-in-10,000 horses will reach unbelievable speeds. That statistic was fact-checked by a team of raccoons and certified by an internal auditor with no knowledge of horses.